About Ella

My name is Tanja Sinapi and I am the owner and founder of the brand Ella-couture for women’s sewing patterns.

I discovered my great love for the world of fashion at a young age and eventually turned my passion for patterns and fabrics into my profession. After completing my apprenticeship as a dressmaker and learning the art of tailoring, I graduated with a master’s degree in fashion design in Italy. After that, I was able to gain experience in the most prestigious luxury fashion houses in Paris (France) for more than 20 years, creating both Prêt-à-Porter and Haute Couture fashion.

In 2022, I decided to create my own brand dedicated to women’s tailoring. It was a concern for me that high-end fashion doesn’t have to be exclusive, but anyone with an interest and passion for tailoring can create their own elegant and exquisite style which also should be modern and suitable for everyday wear, using my patterns for women’s clothing.

My patterns, which are all named after famous and strong women of history (like Eleanor Roosevelt and Janis Joplin read more about it in our newsletter), are presented with pictures and the corresponding sewing instructions. Furthermore, you can find on my blog numerous tips regarding the processing as well as adaptation of the patterns.

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