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Are seam allowances included in the sewing pattern?

All of our sewing patterns come with seam allowances. The exact cm of the seam allowance can be found in the sewing instructions of the pattern.

What is included in the sewing pattern?

Each pattern includes all the required pattern pieces in the specific sizes. It also includes a body measurement chart, a finished garment measurements chart, a cutting plan, a written as well as a pictorial illustration sewing instructions and instructions for any pattern adjustments. The instructions are written in German, English and French.

PDF format

The pattern is in A4 size / US Letter size to print at home (on diffrent layers so you can only print your pattern in one size) , in A0 size (to print ) and projector file.

How can I be sure that the pattern fits my body measurements?

If you are unsure about your size, you can use the finished size chart to help you. To do this, take an existing garment of yours that is similar and fits you. Please make sure that it is similar in fabric properties and cut. Compare your measurements with the finished size chart to determine your size. You will also find instructions in the pattern guide with helpful instructions and tips on how to adjust the pattern.  

How are the different sewing levels structured?

Ella-couture sewing patterns has an overall of 5 sewing levels.

Sewing Level 1 is suitable for beginners who know how to use a sewing machine. The sewing patterns are constructed very simple and without any complicated seams.

Sewing Level 2 is suitable for those who already gained some experience in sewing and have already sewn a simple zipper or even simple inseam pockets.

Sewing Level 3 is a level of medium difficulty. You should be already familiar with sewing seam-covered zippers or sleeve inserts. Seaming valances shouldn’t scare you either. You already have experience in sewing various fabris, such as thick and fine fabrics.

Sewing Level 4 is a level for advanced sewers. You should have no problems sewing elaborate garments or processing special fabrics.

Sewing Level 5 is suitable for professionals that already gained a lot of experience and have extensive know-how but are looking for new challenges.

What are finished garment measurements?

Finished garment measurements contain the measurements of the finished garment in different sizes. This can help you to choose the right size by comparing the measurements given with a present garment. Each sewing pattern includes a finished size chart.

What do pattern sizes on an individual layer mean?

All Ella-couture PDF patterns are multi-size patterns and each size is on one layer. This means that you can print your pattern with one size by hiding the sizes you don’t need in Acrobat Reader.


What payment options does Ella-couture offer?

The following payment methods are offered in this store:

–  Payment via credit card
–  Payment via PayPal

On which platform can I buy Ella couture patterns?

I also sell my patterns on Etsy You can find me under the following link:

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