The pattern Rosa is in wrap-look and has two versions. One with gathered short flounces and the second version with slightly longer flounces. The pattern also has two different neckbands as well as a summery flounce sleeve or a long sleeve.

Our sewing pattern was named after Rosa Louise Parks (*February 4, 1913, Alabama in the USA, †  October 24, 2005, Michigan in the USA). 

Parks was an African American civil rights activist.  She became known for her arrest in Alabama in 1955. The reason for getting arrested was that she refused to give up her seat for a white passenger during a bus ride. In doing so, she set a powerful example against the very pronounced and state-supported racism of the time. Because of her strong move, all colored citizens called for a boycott of the buses. Supported by other civil rights activists, such as Martin Luther King, whose name you have probably heard many times. The bus boycott lasted for over a year until a U.S. court finally struck down the racial discrimination law in 1956.

You can find our patterns here in the shop Rosa.

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