How do I know that an FBA is necessary ?

FBA= Full body adjustment

An FBA can be recognized by the fact that the sewing pattern fits well in all areas but is too tight at the bust point. The top stretches at the bust and horizontal tension folds form. These lines run from the underarm and side seam to the bust. In tops with a button placket, these usually pop open in the bust area. A larger bust needs more width but more length at the same time, so the front length is also a bit too short. On tops with, for example a seam around the waist, it will slightly be pulled up. If you were to choose the sewing pattern one size larger, it would only fit well in the bust area.

To determine the missing width, you can make a small vertical incision of a few cm on each bust point on the test piece. The incision then widens by the missing width .

How do I know that an SBA is necessary ?

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