Why should you wash your fabric before starting to cut and sew ?

It is always recommended that before processing, you wash and dry the selected fabric at the same temperature you will wash the finished garment in the future. When buying the fabric, you should always pay attention to the washing recommendations.

Some fabrics can shrink up to 10% after washing and thus turn out smaller or even totally deformed as the shrinkage of the fabrics is not always uniform. Shrinkage basically refers only to natural fibers, so when you buy fabrics that contain natural fibers, you should always take the precaution of adding 10 percent to the length of the specified fabric usage. There is no risk of shrinkage with 100 percent synthetic fibers unless they are washed at too high a temperature.

Another important reason to wash the fabric is that there may still be color residue, and the fabric will bleed and lose color during the first wash. The last important point about why you should wash your fabrics is that, due to the processing, chemicals may still be present.

Due to the various processing of fabrics in the form of dyeing, coating or other treatments, the fabric can often be a bit stiff before washing. Some fabric processing is achieved through chemicals, which are often still present before the first wash. Therefore, after the first wash, the fabric often becomes softer in the fall as well as the touch.

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